Growing the ranks of independent personnel to increase happiness in people’s lives

Anybody can start a new life anytime. Even multiple times, over and over. We can lay down our own tracks, blaze our own trail. Banish the noise of the familiar world and lend an ear to the voice within. The point isn’t to make the right choice, but to make the path you choose the right one. That’s why we support the independence of working people. We know that with knowledge and skills, confidence and courage, come connections and opportunities. Independence is the ticket to happiness. When we have the resolution to think outside the mainstream, we can capture opportunities of our own choosing. Making our chosen opportunities the right ones through our own power turns them into value. And when we can create value consistently, we gain the power to take control of our lives. So start a happy life under your own initiative. Believe in your own potential. Today’s the day.

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