Here’s a look at the services we offer.

  • Matching of outstanding IT entrepreneurs and freelancers with growth companies

    The mission of Hajimari is to support the independence of ambitious individuals to create a world rich in self-actualization. By matching these individuals to capable personnel, we provide solutions for the issues businesses confront.
    Over 50,000 individuals are registered with Hajimari, focusing on talented IT personnel, along with approximately 2,000 companies.

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  • Introduction of currently serving managers and directors as outside mentors

    Mentor Pro Partners is a service that introduces currently serving managers and directors to serve as mentors, so that entrepreneurs can grow their businesses and train senior management as quickly as possible. With mentors setting the pace and providing expertise, starting entrepreneurs can find the shortest path to attaining their goals.

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  • Matching of contracting between capable personnel and growth companies

    Hajimari launched this service with a vision of changing the nature of personnel deployment in Japan, achieving career formation for personnel while bolstering the organizational strengths of businesses.
    As of December 2021, over 5,000 professionals are registered with this service. Outstanding personnel solve organizational issues through services such as recruitment and design of evaluation systems.

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  • Comprehensive and systematic training via e-learning videos on people and organizations

    With personnel shortages biting ever deeper, the key to energizing organizations increasingly lies in maximization of human capital. Hajimari creates spaces where professionals can acquire, at their convenience and with assured results, the business knowledge they need to galvanize people and organizations. We provide training programs for building up teams, organizations and business people beyond traditional framings such as occupation, age and experience.

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  • Matching that specializes in marketing professionals

    In the course of providing their services, growth companies often find that many of their core business problems lie in the field of marketing.
    We launched this service in April 2021 to cater to these issues. From a field of 8,000 users ranging from frontline workers to Chief Marketing Officers, we can introduce the right people for a company’s growth strategy in as little as five days.

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  • Matching of highly skilled accounting and financial personnel with growth companies

    This service uses outsourcing to introduce highly skilled accounting and financial personnel. We launched the service to offer a new solution for companies that are not in a position to hire their own accounting and financial people. Hajimari can introduce highly skilled accounting and financial personnel, including department-manager-level personnel at listed firms and CPAs from operating companies in as little as five days.

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  • Ambition for one’s first career and passion for work

    In a world of increasingly uncertain prospects, it is more important than ever for individuals and businesses to have determination and a sense of purpose.
    Unfortunately, motivation is on the wane in the Japanese labor environment, leading to declines in both happiness and productivity. In this first-career support service, Hajimari brings together ambitious students and companies, forging connections of true determination free of pretense.

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  • Development-support and regional-support operations that build a brighter tomorrow for companies and regional communities

    TUKURUS is an anagram that combines the ideas of tsukuru, making things, asu, tomorrow, and “us.”
    This service creates a better future for everyone through training of regional IT personnel, support for regional DX and development support for companies.

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