An introduction to some of the people at Hajimari

Soji Kameda

Executive Directors

Biographical summary

Soji Kameda was born in Tokyo in 1990 and raised there.
In 2010 he entered Yokohama National University, where he joined the lacrosse club and spent much of his student life absorbed in sports.
After graduating from university, Kameda joined Cosmos Initia Co., Ltd. as a fresh graduate hire, where he worked in buying, selling and
mediation of commercial real estate and planning of development projects.
In 2017 Kameda joined IT Pro Partners (now Hajimari). In his first year with the Company he was assigned to the IT Pro Partners business, where his excellent results as a salesman earned him the Company’s MVP award.
Subsequently, Kameda was selected from an outstanding field to serve as General Manager of the intee Division, at the tender age of 27.
He is currently devoting his fullest attention to the launch of intee.
At 29 Kameda was appointed Executive Director. His current responsibilities include not only intee but also various management-related duties.

What is your area of responsibility?

Broadly speaking, my duties at Hajimari are threefold.
I’m responsible, first, for the further growth of the intee Division; second, for launching new businesses; and, third, for inculcating the vision and values of the Company.
We have a lot of members at intee and the fresh challenges are many. My mission is to make correct decisions that will ensure the success of the business.
We work on new businesses in small groups, so I execute all aspects of these businesses.
Achieving buy-in on the vision and values of airweave is a mission that requires the cooperation of all members, so I take concrete steps to
explore how we can make Hajimari a Company that involves all employees in its mission.

What kind of company is Hajimari?

Hajimari is a keenly ambitious Company. It’s a Company of many people, all focused on the self-reliance of each individual.
Thankfully, I see that self-reliance all the time. Once or twice a week one of our members says to me, “Here’s a better way to do this.
Should we do it this way?” Many times, our members take action on their own initiative.
Some of our members are still young and inexperienced, so I can’t approve everything they suggest, but I’m delighted to see them demonstrate ambition and take responsibility for their own work.
Of course, it’s still work, and things don’t always go according to plan.
It’s disappointing when we realize that we’ve done something that falls short of our ideals.
Having said that, I’m proud to be surrounded by so many members who never shrink from tough challenges and keep on working toward
our goals.

What is your vision going forward?

I envision a society in which everyone feels happiness because they can endure adversity without complaint.
In other words, a world of people who enjoy a high degree of happiness because they are self-reliant.
Unfortunately, many people in Japan today are quick to complain or speak ill of others. It pains me when I see people like that.
We only have one life to live, let’s have fun while we’re here!
We all have to follow through with the choices we make in life.
Complaining and insulting are the habits of people who cannot decide for themselves, who blame others for their troubles and see themselves
as victims.
And why can’t they decide? Because making decisions scares them.
But on the other side of making decisions fearlessly lies a fulfilling life.
I want as many people as possible to make that change and make Japan the dynamic country it once was.